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Eastern Sierra
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meet "Lady"!!!

A colleague of mine announced last week, "Does anybody want a female German Shepherd?  I can't keep her."  to which I responded, "I DO!"  We lost our shepherd in December due to canine lupus.  He really went downhill once he was diagnosed with the disease.  We took him to several vets and they all said there was really no cure...He was happy and playful until the very end when he died during Christmas vacation.  I was so devastated that I didn't want another shepherd, but missed having one terribly.  We DO have Ripley, our black lab, and our son's Weimeraner.  Ripley is "my" dog and follows me around everywhere, but she doesn't display the shepherd qualities that I so missed.  Anyway, "Lady" is a 6 year old female shepherd with beautiful manners.  She knows all the basic commands, is very calm, leads nicely (without tugging), and rides in the car!  My colleague brought her over yesterday morning so that we could meet and I really liked her!  She fits in nicely with our cats (except for Abby, who REFUSES to come out from under the bed!) and was accepted by both our other dogs.  I took her for a walk down at the park yesterday afternoon and she behaved very well!  She did chase a couple of ducks, but that's all she did!  Oh, and yes, she sleeps on the bed!  So, here are some pics of Lady.

My chronic bronchitis, which I discovered is really COPD, is better today.  I've not coughed once yet tonight (...knock on wood...).  I'm drinking LOTS of hot tea with Manuka honey. I'm hoping to get up to see my horses today.  I haven't been up to see them for several weekends because of my coughing.


ros@dimaggio63 said...

Meraviglioso !

TexWisGirl said...

congratulations! she is lovely. :)

Lynette said...

Lady's beautiful--so happy for y'all! And it's great to hear you're feeling some better.