Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Idyllwild weekend

Hubby and I booked a cabin up in Idyllwild this past weekend to get OUT of the desert heat.  I was tired and exhausted from the Labor Day weekend because I had to stay with my elderly aunt and make sure she took her meds in a timely manner and she didn't double up on them (which she did TWICE before I got there!)...it was a LONG, exhausting 3 day weekend over Labor Day.  I really needed to get some REST this weekend and since it was another scorcher here in the desert (with humidity), up the hill we went.  Idyllwild is at 5,300 feet, up in the tall pines.  A storm front was moving into Southern California and we sat out on our porch and watched the thunderheads move in. We both sat and fed squirrels, blue jays, and quail.  We watched a small cottontail come up for meals, too.  Unfortunately, Sunday morning a Cooper's hawk spied all the blue jays, swooped down, grabbed one right next to where I was standing, and took off almost before I even knew what was happening!  He was that fast and silent!  Here are some pics from our weekend.

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Inger said...

Years ago, we almost bought a place up on that mountain, in Twin Pines, I think it was called. I know how pretty it is there with all the wild life and the tall trees. It sounds like a perfect place for an escape. We are at 4,100 feet here and it has been horribly hot and humid. Much more so than in our town, I guess because we are closer to the desert and it makes a big difference.