Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wouldn't you like to be here?

This is Silver Lake, one of the three lakes in the June Lake loop.  There's June Lake, Silver Lake, and Grant Lake.  All of these lakes are back off Highway 395, above Mammoth, CA.  This area has its own microsystem.  It gets a lot of shade, even in summer, and in winter it gets a LOT of snow.  We were here one year about mid-October.  It was the last weekend that the Silver Lake Resort (across from Silver Lake) was open.  The aspen along the lakes were gorgeous, but right after that weekend, the winter storms hit.  This area is pretty much closed down from October 15 through April 15 each year.The roads are impassable.  I honestly don't know how the locals survive!  But, in the summer, THIS is the place to be!  We've had wonderful mid-70 degree days and the nights have been in the low 40's.  Unfortunately, I've come down with a nasty summer cold and we had a "zero" day yesterday (i.e. we didn't go anywhere, except to Mammoth so that I could stock up on zinc and vitamin C!)  We're going to have to get out today, however, cold or not (yes, I STILL have it...)


Russ Krecklow said...

Sure hope you're feeling much better today. If not, at least you're in a better spot there than at home, isn't that for sure?

Teresa said...

Pretty place to relax and take in the views!