Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Squirrel and her babies

Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days.  Hubby gave my laptop to our son, cleaned off the whole thing, and now Hal has it.  He took it apart and sprayed out ALL the dust and now it runs just fine.  Unfortunately, I don't get it back ~he's glummed onto it...sigh...I have an old desktop which barely has enough memory to do ANYTHING!  I'm thinking about going over to COSTCO today and buying a new laptop as I can't sit here and struggle posting photos!  I have enough saved up to buy one and I just may do that, although hubby has his previous laptop for me.  BUT...it needs to be sent to Chicago because the power plug doesn't fit properly and it falls out!  (...pulling out hair...) Anyway, he took the day off work today and got this one up and running with the external hard drive full of our photos.  I just can't mess up or shut this computer down or I'll NEVER figure out how to post photos again!  Anyway, I was able to take photos of the young squirrels up at the cabin near June Lake.  They mostly spent their time chasing each other around and running up and down the nearby trees!  They were VERY active!  No wonder momma squirrel had to eat so much!  They were cute, but they sure were a handful!  Here they are playing one morning.  I had to take photos from inside the cabin, looking out the kitchen window, and shoot them through the posts of the porch!  They were adorable and I miss them!

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