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Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birdbath~Nature Notes~060613

Okay, so I gave in and bought a bird bath.  I was using an old clay pot bottom and letting our hose just drip, drip, drip into it.  The birds enjoyed that and they especially enjoyed it when I put a dead twig around it so that they could hop onto the branch and then get a drink.  BUT...I wanted a real bird bath.  So, imagine my surprise when I walked into the Anza hardstore two weekends ago and there were three of them for $19.99.  Of course, I bought one.  I set it up near the birdseed...no takers.  Hmmmm...Now I've got it out by my wildflower garden jungle and I've seen one hummingbird flying around, but it's after the cosmos flowers and the zinnias.

Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions?  Should I lay a branch across the top of it to help the birds?  Or, should I take the branch away?  I have yet to see a bird in it.  It sure is lonely out there!  Only a tired cosmos seems to enjoy it!  Nature Notes for June 6, 2013.   To visit Nature Notes, please go to:   http://ramblingwoods.com/


Rambling Woods said...

It takes more time to find a bird bath than a bird feeder. The insects will appreciate it too. Hummers like a mister which I don't have. You might put some stones in it so that there is a place to step as many birds like a very shallow bath especially smaller or younger birds.. but give it time...Michelle

Rambling Woods said...

from Cornell....


rosiemomma said...

I put a rock in mine so nobody has to get their feet wet if they don't want. It's hard to perch on the edge sometimes. Beautiful bird bath though!!

desertsandbeyond said...

Okay...I put a rock in it and I also put a bird feeder near it, so there will be birds out in that corner of the yard now. Hopefully they will stop to get a drink after eating! :-)