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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roadrunner~Wild Bird Wednesday~021313

When I was out for my 2 hour morning walk on Saturday, I heard the clucking of a roadrunner.  At first, I couldn't see him, but he emerged from the shadows and I spotted him.  I took these photos and then noticed another roadrunner nearby.  The two of them ran right in front of an oncoming car (..."road runners"), which is typical behavior of them.  We used to have a family of roadrunners in our neighborhood years ago and the male used to chase my little cat, Daisy, down the street!  I would often see him with a lizard in his mouth.  I haven't seen them for several years now, nor the quail that used to live around our house...too many cars and too many houses now.  So, I'm always pleased to see roadrunners in the desert!  :-)  Wild Bird Wednesday for February 13, 2013.  To visit Wild Bird Wednesday, please go to:   http://paying-ready-attention-gallery.blogspot.com/


Karen said...

Beep beep! Cool.

mick said...

The Road Runners sound like such interesting birds. Your header photo is really magnificent!

eileeninmd said...

The Roadrunners are cool cool birds. I would love to see one in person. great shots!

Stewart M said...

Splendid bird. There cant be too many of us in the TV generation who would not love to see a real one!

We actually had an ACME cheese grater!!

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

Stewart M - Melbourne

Wally Jones said...

One of our favorite birds when we lived in west Texas!
Thanks for the memory!