Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Desert walk

Hubby and I headed out yesterday morning to the eastern entrance of Joshua Tree national park which is off Interstate 10, about 15 miles east of Indio.  It was a beautiful day, with high clouds.  There is a lot of BLM land outside the park, and I stopped there to take a short walk.  It's always refreshing for me to go out into the desert and listen to the sounds of the birds and look at the animal tracks.  I didn't see much here, but just getting out, into the fresh air, was amazing!  If you do go out into the desert, make sure you take water, a hat, and sturdy hiking boots.  I always wear my WalMart $32 steel-toed work boots when I go out into the desert or go up into our mountains.  They are comfortable for me and I know I can pretty much go anywhere with them!  And, DUH...I didn't bring a hat with me yesterday and the sun was beating down on my skin (I HAVE to be careful, being a survivor of melanoma!)...believe me, I'm putting an extra hat in the car this morning!  More on this trip this week.

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