Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Monday, December 12, 2011

Surprise~fall leaves

I thought I'd post these this morning because a severe winter storm is bearing down upon the Coachella Valley, with snow forecast down to 4,000 feet.  And, that's 8-12 inches of snow in our local mountains.  My horses may even get snow because they are boarded at a ranch at 4,000 feet in our local mountains.  Anyway, these are the LAST of the fall leaves up at the ranch, and, on this dreary morning, I thought I'd post them and bring you some color!  Enjoy your day.  I'm home sick...I've been sick all weekend...sigh...


Pat said...

Hope you feel better! Here in AZ in the valley we are getting rain, rain, rain with snow in the higher elevations.

Teresa said...

Yup I agree with Pat...we've had rain all day and it's been overcast skies , feeling more like I'm back in the midwest again.

I love those orange leaves. We still have a few trees with some color on them.

Gaelyn said...

Hope these bright fall colors help You feel better. Storming here also with rain/snow. Stay warm.