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Eastern Sierra
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early morning at the park and ducks

I had to stop and drive a fellow teacher to school yesterday morning, and I had about 20 extra minutes before picking her up, so I stopped by the park.  It was just barely sunrise and I had my tripod in the car (THANK GOODNESS!), so I set it up and took some photos.  I also had some pigeon food from a 50 pound bag that I bought at the feed store, which I bought at a discount because it had ripped open.  So, I had two ziploc bags full of pigeon food.  The ducks were all hungry and quacking at me, so I decided to feed them.  OH. MY. GOODNESS!  Once I started putting out food, there were ducks flying across the park in my direction!  I nearly got struck twice!  I could just see the headline:  "Local teacher killed by ducks in the park!"  OYE!  Then, I felt tugging on my pants and looked down to see a white duck with its mouth open (after tugging on my pants).  He was quite an amusing fellow!  I guess that's how he gets people to feed him!  There must have been over 100 ducks all around me as I made my backward exit to my car and safety!  I think I'll go back this morning and feed them again!  Hehehehehehe!  (If you click on the bottom photo, you can see the little Christmas lights on the wreath....)


Gaelyn said...

And do be ready to take a photo of the duck that tugs please.

Thérèse said...

So the ducks have their own Christmas decorations at your local park? Wow! The place seems to be a ducks' haven.