Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Monday, June 27, 2016

On the road to Temecula

Our son and his family moved to Temecula last December.  He got a job near there and off they went!  They sold their home here in the desert, but can't afford a home there, so they are renting.

And, now, this next weekend, they are moving to another house because their current owner wishes to sell his!  Oye!  It will be a small house, so it will be easier to keep cool and that's a good thing because last weekend it was 107 in Temecula.  And, our grandson will have to change schools.  His old school only had 2 desktop computer per classroom and NO ipads!  Eh?  In this day and age?

Anyway, there is a really neat place along Highway 79, on the way to Temecula.  It is a metal sculpture garden and folks stop to admire all the metal work.   Here are some pics that I took the last time I drove through there

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