Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Playing with PicMonkey

So, today, while I am under doctor's orders to STAY HOME and REST and do NO physical activity (from my concussion at school Friday afternoon)...I'm sitting here playing with PicMonkey.  PM is one of the online photo editing programs.  I really haven't explored other ones.  Maybe I should.  Hubby just downloaded Light Room and I suppose I'll have to get familiar with that.  Anyway, I took this one photo at mission San Juan Capistrano and played around with it.  Here are some of the edits I did to it.
This is the original photo...
This is sepia.
This is called "radiance"...

Which one do YOU like best?  Let me know.  Now I don't have the "premium" membership, so these are all free effects on PicMonkey.  Does anybody have the premium membership?  Is it worth the $30?

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