Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fountain at mission San Juan Capistrano~Water World Wednesday~December 11, 2013

I took these photos at one of the two large fountains at mission San Juan Capistrano when hubby and I were there over my 5 day Thanksgiving break.  It was actually the 300th anniversary celebration of Father Serra that day and there were many festivities going on.  But, by the time we arrived in late afternoon, the mission was mostly cleared out of people.  We always love to see the fountains there.  Water World Wednesday for December 11, 2013.  To visit WWW, please go to:  http://www.kissess4u.com/2013/12/water-world-wednesday_10.html  Yes, this IS the mission famous for the swallows.  We saw several empty nests.


Anonymous said...

Oh I missed that one - had I known! We live not even an hour from there. Hope you had a great time!

Kim, USA said...


Thank you for joining Water World Wednesday