Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Palm Desert park pond~Sunday Stills Challenge~102013

I know it's a stretch, but all I have here in town that even resembles a shoreline is our local park.  It is a very beautiful setting, however.  I often go there and take photos.  I see that the city has now installed pellet dispensers for duck food (25 cents a pop) and we are ONLY allowed to feed them the city's pellets...HA~And, no, the fisherman isn't real-he is a statue!  In fact, there are quite a few statutes in the park.  I went a couple of weeks ago because this weekend I'm exhausted.  Between fighting a sore throat and hyper kids, I haven't even gone outdoors for two days!  Maybe today I'll venture outside?  Sunday Stills Challenge, "shorelines" for October 20, 2013.


Spare Parts and Pics said...

That's a really pretty desert pond, and great photos!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and spicy shot :)

Eva said...

This pond certainly fits the challenge well. Fun statue too.
I'm sure the pellets are healthier for the ducks than other things they've been fed. Bread certainly isn't good for them. :-)

Unknown said...

oh I miss the duck pond! Didn't go to see it last time I went home.