Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Internet issues now resolved (at least for now...)

We've been in Internet HE%%. We've had 2 techs out to fix the problem.  One was on the phone with his girlfriend the whole time and did NOTHING.  The second guy was here 5 minutes and then ran home to dinner.  In the meantime, our Internet has been cutting out.  I've had to reboot my desktop umpteen times a day, to the point that I was just too frustrated to even deal with it.  My husband thought I was nuts because HE could get a signal.  Well, my desktop is OLD and it runs slowly...I don't have the latest gadgets that he has.  I couldn't even post a photo on Facebook because the Internet connection would time out before I could get a photo posted!  That's BAD!  So, FINALLY yesterday the original tech came back (the one who had been on the phone)...I noticed this time (after a call to Time Warner) he wasn't on the phone and he actually installed a new modem (our other one heated up too fast) and checked the wires and GUESS WHAT?  He found that our signal is "intermittent".  Well, DUH!  BUT...a maintenance guy won't come out for 3 weeks.  SAY WHAT?  Another 3 weeks of this and I'll be completely nuts! (...pulling out hair...) At least we have it for a few days, right?

So, here are some pics from the last couple of weeks...We took both grandkids to the Living Desert Reserve on Saturday and wore out the little one.  She fell asleep at 4:00 p.m. and slept ALL NIGHT!  Our grandson always loves the miniature trains there and this time he enjoyed the Discovery Room, with his mom and dad!

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