Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Monday, August 26, 2013

Heavy rain, winds, thunder & lightning, oh my!~

It rained yesterday.  Not just rain, but rain from tropical storm Evo.  Rancho Mirage (the city next to us) got 1.24 inches of rain yesterday...in ONE day.  That's enough to saturate the desert soil (sand) and create flooding.  Our front yard FILLED with water, to the point that if it had kept raining, it would have flooded.  As it was, I could hear sirens all over.  Of course, I had to hop into my car and see what was going on (after navigating our own street...).  Fairhaven Drive, which is near us, had flooded from mountain rain runoff and the residents were outside taking photos and videos.  All the flood control channels were FULL and the washes filled up.  There was major flooding down in La Quinta and Indio.  We called our kids and talked to them and they were all okay (thank goodness!).  Our grandson stated, "Tell that stupid coyote to stop howling~~I'm trying to sleep!"  (his dog...he is 4...)  Apparently their dog didn't like all the thunder!  We kept our two dogs inside, although Ripley, our black lab, would have LOVED to play in the water!!!  Our 17 year old cat, Loki, was huddled at the front door, so I picked him up and put him in the garage, out of the rain and wind.  Of course, once the storm moved on, he was back at the front door!  More rain is forecast today and that is dangerous because the grounds are all saturated...sigh...


Barb said...

I was at Barnes & Noble when it came down .Whoa baby!! My friend drove me and was visiting her friend, leaving me at the store for an hour. She called to say she'd heard bad weather was on its way and they we'd better go. By the time I'd gotten a cup to go and got outside the store it was raining so hard little girls were crying and clinging to their moms and big girls were dancing in the rain! Oh, and I was soaked through to my underwear :)

Nancy C said...

That's a rather scary situation! Glad you all are okay. :)