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Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yellow house and white picket fence~Friday's Fences~030813

I look at a lot of fences these days.  One reason is that I'm thinking about going to Home Depot and installing a white picket fence at the edge of our patio.  That way, I could plant seeds on both sides of it and have a beautiful front yard instead of the ugly barren one which we currently have!  HA~  I've already ordered and planted some black-eyed Susans for one long spot near our porch, but I love the look of a white picket fence, like this one.  Friday's Fences for March 8, 2013.   To visit Friday's Fences, please go to:   http://lifeaccordingtojanandjer.blogspot.com/


A Colorful World said...

It's a lovely house and fence. Hope you get one too!

Leave It To Davis said...

Oh, that would really look nice and inviting! You should do it!

Liz Needle said...

I agree. There is something so fresh and clean about a white picket fence. No other colour works as well.