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Eastern Sierra
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anza-Borrego wildflowers~Today's Flowers~031713

No, I'm not a grandma yet, but my first granddaughter could come any day now!  Our daughter's due date is April 1, but I don't think she'll last that long!   :-)  I'll keep you posted...

We did see a few wildflowers over at Anza-Borrego.  And, no, I'm NOT responsible for the high daily temps we've been having!  Yesterday it was much cooler here.  In fact, I went out front and did some weed whacking in the morning and then in the afternoon, I mowed half of the lawn in the back yard!  And, then I collapsed on the couch!  Wow!  I'm not 29 anymore!

Here are the wildflower pics and ENJOY your St. Patrick's Day today!

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1 comment:

Pat said...

Love the purple flowers!

Congratulations on being a grandma (almost!) Believe me, your life will never be the same! :) In a good way!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!