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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Am trying to come back ...

I'm trying to come back into the world after losing my palomino mustang mare, Cali.  It hasn't been easy.  I really tried to avoid going into the depression which hit me after the tragic death of my chestnut mare, Beauty, in 2009.  She apparently died in a corral accident and didn't suffer.  Cali, on the other hand, did.  Cali had a ruptured intestine and, well, I don't wish to explain the pain that she was in for over a day..  Our vet kindly, but tearfully, put her down.  It's hard to lose a 6 year old mustang and he is a very sensitive and kind vet.  She had just matured into a beautiful mare and losing her is just devastating.  She would have been my riding horse.  Now I am left to ponder which of my horses I'll ride, if any of them.  Scout, her herd sister, is VERY headstrong and I'm not that good of a rider anymore to handle her should she decide to take off with me on board!  Sunni spooks too much.  Gigondas has moments of calmness, but then suddenly erupts.  She DOES seem to have a calm head, but, being a thoroughbred, it is a LONG way to the ground on her!  Same with Quad...he's the tallest horse I have.  And, hubby and I made an agreement that I would NOT replace any horse that died, so I'm down to 4 horses now and it will stay there until another one passes.

So, life goes on...we had a nice weekend up in our local mountains and our son and grandson came to stay with us overnight.  It's always fun to see the world through the eyes of a nearly 4 year old!  He is so curious about everything (the grandson...).  He got to feed the blue jays and squirrels and squealed with delight when they grabbed one of his peanuts!  :-)  He got to see the huge Christmas tree which was lit in town and all the little shops with bright Christmas lights.  He ate at the dining table with "big people" and ate 1/2 of grandpa's steak!  Ahhh...the joys of being 3 years old!  And, our friends, Barb and Vince, who live in Pinyon, came over to join us for dinner.  Barb has 3 horses of her own and I've ridden one of them a couple of times.  In fact, it was that horse that I fell from nearly 4 years ago and injured (permanently...) my back.  I DID take a couple of riding lessons this summer and believe me, it was SCARY getting back on a horse!  But, I did it...I had to practice getting off a few times because I now have trouble swinging my leg over the back of a horse. I would like to get more lessons in next summer.

And, I have things to do at school.  So, yes, life goes on...All photos are from last weekend in Idyllwild, CA.

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