Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Monday, October 3, 2011

More water drops and hot sauce

As I went hunting for water drops yesterday, I heard my neighbor's sprinklers come on and I skipped over to take a couple of photos.  They weren't on very long and right after I clicked this one, they went off!  I stayed home yesterday, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the living room, and then, during dinner, hubby came out of the kitchen with a jar of hot sauce which he dropped and spilled all over his laptop!  OMG!  He grabbed his laptop, wiped it off (it was still working), sprayed it with a can of air, and finally set it up next to a fan overnight.  He has hundreds of photos on it which he hadn't yet moved to a portable hard drive and we hope that his laptop still works!  Phew! He's off work today so he may have to run over to his favorite computer repair shop for some TLC for his laptop....I'll keep you posted.  MORAL OF THE STORY:  Do NOT try to balance Chulula, salt, and pepper in one hand and walk toward your laptop!


Rohrerbot said...

LOL!!! Good one. That pic is really interesting. It looks like a very shady backyard....I kinda like it. The misters almost give it a tropical rain forest kind of look.

Pat said...

Cool shot!

My heart just stopped reading about the computer accident......my photos mean the WORLD to me! Actually, so does my COMPUTER! Hope it all turns out okay!

Gaelyn said...

The sprinkler shot is great, the laptop spill not so.

Teresa said...

I love this shot!.....gorgeous light.

Sounds like one of my clumsy moments! I hope the laptop is still working! UGH!

KT said...

Good reminder to transfer everything over to a second copy...

Interesting photo!