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Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looking up

Looking up Highway 74.  This road has a lot of twists and turns and very few turnouts.  In our travels, we've traveled some roads WORSE than this one, but not many.  The Ortega Highway, from Orange County to Interstate 15, is one of them.  I HATED that road!  Do you have a road that you hate to drive?  Why? And, there's a road from Mariposa up the western side of the Sierras, which is absolutely the curviest road I've ever seen....more than this one!  You literally drive 15 mph on that one!


Anonymous said...

I once was a passenger in a car driven (badly, by a relative) from your end of 74 all the way to San Juan Capistrano - beautiful views but not an experience I remember fondly. I'm somewhat scared of heights, and even find driving parts of US 1 alarming.

I had an aunt who lived in Big Sur for a number of years - once in a house on the ocean side of US 1. To get to it you had to drive for several miles on a one-car width dirt road with no guardrails and no pull-outs where the drops were totally breathtaking. I was a passenger, and got out and walked down.

There's a road in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park CO, called, I think, the Old Fall River Road. It's a single lane road that goes up and over the mountains - to 12,000 feet - many switchbacks, huge drops and no guardrails, and is only open for a couple of months in the summer. I made the mistake of taking my F-350 up there - it's 24 feet long and the length limit was 25 feet. Due to its wheelbase, I ended up having to make 3-point turns around most of the hairpin turns while trying to not back off into the abyss - pretty scary! My hands were shaking by the end . . .

Pat said...

I just love that sky shot! I can't say there's a particular road I hate since we are on so many! I suppose the ones with the 6% grades are a little tough towing an 18,000 pound trailer!