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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bishop petroglyphs~That's My World~062811

We arose early one morning to head out to the Bishop area petroglyphs. They are along a bumpy dirt road a few miles outside of town and we wanted to get out to them and take the entire 19 mile road from top to bottom before it got too hot. So, off we went! We had been out to see them during our April trip and knew where they were, but we hadn't taken the entire road. I'm always intrigued by these petroglyphs and I always get the feeling that we are being watched by spirits. And, while we were at the top site, a girl in a pickup truck did drive out to check us out, but quickly left after she saw our cameras. One site does have a lot of modern graffiti, including gun shots, so I understand the BLM's concern. If you wish to stop and view these petroglyphs, you will need to stop in at the Bishop office, register, and get directions. That's My World for Tuesday, June 28, 2011. Yes, that's a huge jackrabbit! I scared one out of the brush when we first arrived. Then, I was creeping around so quietly that I came across this guy who was busy munching on a bush, getting his breakfast. He was fine with me standing quietly by him and I was able to get several pics of him! I also came across the cutest lizard! He would run ahead of me, turn around to see if I was following him, and then run a little bit more, and turn around! I figure he was my spirit guide! When he ran across the hot sand, he curled his tail up into a spiral. To see other worlds, please go to: http://showyourworld.blogspot.com/


Gaelyn said...

Nice collection of petroglyphs. Glad there's someone to watch over them so they're not destroyed.

genie said...

Not being sure what a petroglyph was, I researched it online. I would have called it a stone carving and not the technical name. These are so interesting. I certainly would have driven back to see them hot or not hot. They are amazing. Beautiful pictures. Genie

Stephen Chapman said...

The 'graffiti' is amazing!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful photos. The petroglyphs here look really intricate... very cool!

desertsandbeyond said...

These are called petroglyphs because they are carved into the rocks. They are carved into volcanic (desert varnish) rock. This isn't easy to do. There are some modern examples and they look horrible. Call them whatever you want...they are incredible to observe.