Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some relief from the heat!

I've lived here in our desert now for 35 years. And, yes, I've been here every summer. One summer, when it was 128 degrees (YES!), our air conditioner died. It took 3 days to install a whole new system, including the indoor unit. Air conditioners usually last about 10 years here in the desert and we are crossing our fingers that this condensor gets us through this summer. But, on the other hand, it hasn't been that hot this summer. I'm not sure how many days have been up in the 118 range, but we haven't had ANY days of 120 degree temps. And, for this week, the overnight temps are in the upper 70's,which is unusual for the summer. Our usual nighttime temps are in the 80's. So, it HAS been a relatively "cool" summer here in our desert...at least so far! Like many desert dwellers, I have learned to cope with the summer temps. Sometimes I go to the library and hang out. Sometimes I go visit our daughter and hang out (and take a nap) in her house. Sometimes I just stay indoors and either watch TV or read a book. We desert dwellers avoid the outdoors from about 9:30 a.m. until after 6:00 p.m. And, sometimes I drive up to our local mountains and work with my horses, like today! It's all about learning to cope with the heat. Don't the mountains look inviting?


Rising Rainbow said...

I'd never survive in those kinds of temps. I have enough trouble with anything over 75°

Kathie Brown said...

I have adapted to the desert heat but this monsoon humidity is hard to take. Though I love the desert storms I will be glad when the air dries out once again. Today I enjoyed a good T-storm and then lingering gentle rain all afternoon.

~Cheryl said...

Desert dwelling sounds like it would suit me just fine! Hurray for air conditioning!

Owlfarmer said...

I remember how effective my grandmother's old swamp cooler was in the Owens Valley. It was really noisy, but air moving over cold water can do a lot of good in the desert. Around here it would just jack up the humidity and make 103 seem even more unbearable.

My dream is to move back to the high desert, where the temp doesn't usually top 110, and you can sit under a tree in the shade with a cold drink and feel just fine.

128 might be a bit much, however!