Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cactus in snow~Cactus Monday 071910

Ahhhh....I sat here this morning and revisited some of my snow photos from last winter. Maybe that will help me cope with the 111 degrees which are in today's forecast? This little cactus was in the middle of snow. Our local mountains had quite a lot of snow this winter. In fact, the ranch owner where I board my horses up in the mountains, complained about this past winter's record snow and rainfall! Aaaaahhhhh...to revisit those days! Cactus Monday for July 19, 2010.


Barb said...

Yep, the snow sure is refreshing.

Unknown said...

Welcome Back and welcome back with such a wonderful 'cool' cactus! I think we can all use this image and dream of cooler weather.


Margaret Ann said...

I am right there with you...I posted a snowy cactus today also...Great minds really do think alike! Happy Cactus Monday...:)

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Wow this is a baby cholla! Is that about all it snows where you live? Great shot. I am a succulent lover that lives in Roseville, CA. My front and back yard are nothing but (except for the grass, which I would love to dig up). LOL

Can't wait to see more of your pictures. I use mainly a canon point and shot also. HCM!

kesslerdee said...

ahhh snow, sounds lovely! I've been dreaming of rain but it doesn't seem to come!