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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ranch House Cafe~That's My World 060110

On our way up to the Sierras this past weekend, hubby and I stayed overnight in Hesperia, then drove up to Bishop. We decided to stop for breakfast at the Ranch House Cafe, near the Crystal Geyser plant in Olancha, CA. We had never stopped there and we were glad we did. First, the food was excellent! And, the interior was decorated like a ranch house. But, we were sad to learn that due to a proposed expansion on Highway 395, it's days are numbered. There are apparently a couple of options that Cal Trans is studying. One would be an expansion of 395, which would mean the cafe would have to be moved OR torn down! Another option would be to completely bypass the current section of 395 and make a new road further up the hill. This would mean that the cafe would no longer be right on the main road, a sure death for it. So, if you want to stop there, do it before September, 2010! It may be your last chance! That's My World for June 1, 2010.


Pat said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear of the Ranch House's gloomy future. It looks like a lovely quaint little cafe. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn Ford said...

Either option is a no-win situation for this cute restaurant. That's really too bad...These kinds of places are such a treat to find on a road trip. I am glad you had your chance to have a meal there.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh -- we haven't been in the Bishop area for so long and looks like we may have missed "the way it used to be". such a quiet out -of-the way place, I never thought about changes coming to it.