Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Saturday, March 21, 2009

late afternoon, Highway 74, first day of spring

I hopped in my car yesterday afternoon, armed with the new (old) Olympus that hubby gave to me this week. It's more camera than I've ever had and it takes incredibly clear photos! My Canon doesn't have much of a zoom on it and while it does take clear photos, I'm always somewhat limited by the photos I can take with it. For example, it's horrible for close-ups and right now, with the flowers blooming in my yard and up in the mountains, it's pretty useless. I drove up toward Highway 74 and stopped to take some photos of the desert wildflowers along the way. It's very difficult to stop there and take the pretty purple wildflowers because there are so few spots along that road to SAFELY stop! And, on the turnouts, there aren't that many wildflowers (of course)! The shadows were lenthening during the afternoon and since it was 90 degrees yesterday I got thirsty, but it was an enjoyable afternoon outdoors!

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