Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Deserted ranch~~Cook street offramp

As I was driving to work this week, I spotted the red roof of this ranch house, which was just to the north of the Cook Street offramp. So, after school, I stopped by to investigate it! Imagine living here in the desert for 30+ years and NEVER seeing this? That's what happens when we are so busy with jobs and our families! We just don't have time to stop and enjoy our surroundings! The ranch is deserted now and the front door was wide open, but it must have been beautiful at one time. I found an abandoned doll among the debris there and it made me stop and wonder what happened to the family that lived there....?????


Diane AZ said...

Looks like it had a couple of fireplaces, garages, a pool, even a satellite dish. It is a mystery why a family would walk away. I'm curious who owns it and why it is left unoccupied and unsecured.

Unknown said...

I am always wondering what happened to the inhabitants when I encounter abandoned homes. This is a very interesting ranch, and the doll would certainly make you wonder what happened!