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Eastern Sierra
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty garden center gate

I saw this pretty garden gate up in Anza this weekend. I stopped by to buy a wisteria for my front porch. I had one last year that I bought at the same place, but...alas...over the summer, when we went on vacation, our son neglected to water it while we were gone and it died. You know how it is here in the desert! If you don't water plants, they DIE! What a concept! It was only $18.00, compared to the nearly three times as much that one would be down here in the desert, if you could even find one! I arrived early to find the gates still locked, but I had never seen them closed before and I took this photo!

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Diane AZ said...

Amazing detail in those metal gates. I like how they function as a sign displaying the name of the nursery, as a security gate, and they're decorative. Also, the style of the lettering probably reveals something about Lizzy Anne, perhaps that she has a playful spirit, and would have some unusual things for sale at her shop.