Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Friday, February 13, 2009

More storms coming!

Marriott Desert Springs' villas. Well, it looks like a series of new storms is coming our way! Apparently they are lining up out in the Pacific. While we certainly need the rain and our mountains need the snow for our aquafer, I have to drive up Highway 74 to go buy dog food and horse feed this morning. I listened to the news report and I'll have to leave shortly and get OFF the mountain before it starts snowing again! In this cold weather, my 5 horses need the extra calories from their sweet feed to help stay warm! Even though they have lots of winter fur, the extra calories from the feed help their bodies stay warm and I'm completely out of it! I SHOULD have bought some last weekend, but hubby was working and I drove up to the mountains ALONE and I couldn't haul around the 50 pound bags of feed! So, this morning he'll go with me and we'll make a quick run up Highway 74 and get back home ASAP (at least before it starts snowing again up the hill!)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely - Hands Down - Out-of-this-World - GORGEOUS SCENE!!! I love The Sky, The Palms, The Water, The Green Grass!!!