Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rabbits and rabbit holes~Nature Notes~051712

I saw something interesting the other morning when I was out looking for the coyotes (I now haven't seen or heard them for a week...sigh...).  I was walking along the dirt road and I saw a rabbit lying on its side.  At first I thought it was injured and I went closer to see.  However, it quickly got up, dusted itself off, and ran off!  Another jackrabbit was next to it (a lookout?).  It was taking a dirt bath!  It had scooped out a little hollow and was enjoying a morning dirt bath!  I had seen these hollows all along the road where I walk and I'd never seen this before.  Apparently these hollows are used by the rabbits.  And, I might add, there are plenty of them in the road!  There are also many, many jackrabbits up in this area, which is coyote country.  I guess the rabbits enjoy a nice dirt bath every now and then!  Nature Notes for May 17, 2012. Look at the 2nd and 3rd photos from the top to see the jackrabbit taking its dirt bath!  To visit Nature Notes, please go to:   http://ramblingwoods.com/


Rohrerbot said...

Cool shots:) I've been noticing a lot of rabbits lately. Never bore of them around the landscape.

Gaelyn said...

Very cool to catch them bathing.

Rambling Woods said...

How cool is that..it makes sense as some birds do it too..great post Cheryl Ann...Michelle

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Maybe the jackrabbit's version of a snow angel?