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Eastern Sierra
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Joshua Tree pics!!!! KT~This is for you!

Joshua Tree National Park is such an incredible place! Hubby and I should go there more often. It's only about 45 minutes from our home. Oh, one tip before you go: Make SURE your gas tank is FULL! If you enter from the west entrance, at Joshua Tree, there are gas stations on Highway 72 in the town of JTree. There are NO gas stations in the park and it is about 65 miles to the east exit at Cottonwood. If you plan to enter at Cottonwood, which is the east entrance off Highway 10, fill up in Indio, CA. We entered one time through Cottonwood with 1/4 tank of gas and believe me, we were both biting our fingernails and praying that we had enough gas to make it out of the park to a gas station. There ARE plenty of restrooms in the park, at the entrances and at every campground, but some campgrounds are MILES apart!!! There are plenty of picnic areas, so you can bring your own food. The town of Joshua Tree has plenty of fast food places, but nothing else to recommend. We took some bread and nuts and water with us on Sunday's trip. Oh, and water...take PLENTY of water with you, even in winter! You don't want to get dehydrated and if you are out walking or hiking, take some water with you. There were quite a few rock climbers at the park on Sunday and we enjoyed watching these two at one of the turnouts. Enjoy your trip to Joshua Tree! It is a unique place and there is more to see in the next few days as I post more pics!


Johnny Nutcase said...

yay, JTree! What a fun place! We've only been once but had a blast. We went in the dead of summer too, ha. 116 degrees. It was great fun though. Need to go back soon. Love the pics!

Jan said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.