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Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, November 3, 2016


So, both hubby and I went to our doctor yesterday.  I went because Tuesday I was so dizzy I couldn't walk straight or even sit down without falling.  Turns out, it was vertigo from all the stress!

Hubby is doing well on his new meds.  Since all of his tests were negative, our doctor believes that since he didn't eat breakfast and only had a Jamba Juice smoothie (LOTS OF SUGAR), he passed out.  He has now changed meds, too, since that was part of the problem.  NOT EATING breakfast, skipping meals, eating a fatty diet...all contributed.  He (and I, as well) are now on a low carb, less wheat diet with lots of lean protein and fruits and vegetables.  We had salmon and a salad for dinner last night.  He is also eating smaller meals several times a day (usually fruit)...instead of one GINORMOUS meal at dinner.

Lesson learned.

I am to take him OUT for exercise at least once a day, so yesterday we walked around our city park.  He didn't want to go, but since I was driving, that's where the car ended up.  I think he actually enjoyed it, although he complained the whole time.  He just has to get used to his new lifestyle, which includes diet changes AND exercise!!!!

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.  He seems to be doing fine.
~Cheryl Ann~

I put up these pretty fall leaves outside the front door...

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