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Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mountain fire

The Mountain fire (as it is called) is up in our local San Jacinto mountains, where I spend a lot of my free time.  In fact, it's right at the turnoff to Idyllwild, where hubby and I spend weekends in a rented cabin.  It is NOT moving toward the town of Idyllwild, rather it is now burning south and east, toward the Palm Springs Indian canyons.  It started a few days ago and went from 5 acres to 10, to 25, to 50, then 900, then 1,500, then 2,500 acres, and it is now over 9,000 acres.  It is only 10% contained. I drove up that way yesterday to go to my horses' weekly lesson (they are AWAY from the fire and are in no danger...) and after that I drove out Highway 74 to view the fire.  There were quite a few cars pulled over, too.  We haven't had a fire like this in our mountains for many, many years and the trees and brush are all very dry.  Plus, the winds are not helping.  It was quite breezy up there yesterday.  It's very scary to see all the smoke settle down here in the Coachella Valley.  A few mobile homes burned up near Mountain Center and Lake Hemet and a camp was evacuated.  It's hard to control this fire because they are very few roads up in that area and NONE on the Palm Springs side until one gets to the Indian canyons and populated areas.  I'll keep an eye on it and I might go out today to take more photos.  Here are some from yesterday.

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Gaelyn said...

Yet another case of starting small and growing enormous with high winds. Hope all will be safe. Be careful near there please.