Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Tehachapi tree

We found this tree when we stopped in Tehachapi, on our way back from northern California and I stopped to hop out of the car to snap this picture of it.  Then we took the road down to the Tehachapi loop and along the way, a bobcat crossed the road right in front of it!  He was FAT!!!


TexWisGirl said...

gorgeous and craggy!

Gaelyn said...

That's a beautiful drive the backway through Tehachapi.

Pat said...

That tree looks like it should be in Africa!

Where was your camera when the bob cat walked by? Too fast?

Teresa said...

This a really neat tree. A fat bobcat? Must have just ate a small animal for lunch

Inger said...

What fun to read about our town. We have a huge bobcat that lives around here and sometimes struts by our house like he owns the place, which perhaps he really does. That's a great tree and there are some really beautiful ones in town too. Not too many here in the canyon.