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Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two new awards

I would like to thank Jingle (http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/ for giving me these two awards: Thank You for Being My Friend and one Lovely Blog Award. While I am deeply honored to receive them, I honestly blog because I LOVE to write and take photographs! In fact, my husband's laptop had so many of my photos on it last weekend that I couldn't upload any more! He spent over 5 hours last night transferring all of them onto an external hard drive and cleaned off the photos folder and desktop, where we had many of them stored. For me, blogging and posting photos is a way to decompress after a day with third graders! Last year I had 20 students. This year I will have 32 AND my district wants to give us teachers a 6% pay cut, which would include 5 furlough days. This is extremely sad. I just spent over $200 of my own money on back to school supplies for my students, including white 3 ring notebooks, crayons, colored pencils, erasers, math journals, and spiral notebooks. I bought 4 plants for my classroom and need to stock up on kleenex, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes (for their desks). And, in return, I'll be getting a 6% pay cut? And, an additional 12 students? (We are going from 20 to 32 students this year in the primary grades.) Gee, thanks! It is sad that the general public supports teachers, but our administration has increased class size and is insisting on a pay cut AND furlough days. NO other district in the state of California is making these demands...sigh...MOST teachers at my school are hard-working and responsible individuals who, like me, spend a lot of their own money on their students and it saddens me to see how we are treated by our district office. But, enough of that! I am so happy to receive these awards! I would like to pass them on to the following people: Barb D of World Lens:
http://worldlensphotography.blogspot.com/, Thank you for being my mentor and giving me photography tips AND for becoming a good friend! Barb and I live in the same town and we get together on some weekends and away we go with our cameras! I'd also like to pass it on to: Carolyn of Ford Family Photos: http://carolyn1209.blogspot.com/ We sometimes photograph the same spots and I'm hoping to meet Carolyn someday!


Carolyn Ford said...

Thank you Cheryl! I would really enjoy meeting up with you to photo hunt...maybe Joshua Tree in the fall when it is cooler??? Or, anywhere out in the wilderness is good for me!
Boy, do I know about spending my own money for my classroom! Huge amounts add up over the 30+ years I taught. It was worth it but, I also try not to think about what the total could be...and, you lose income, gain students...geez! And, that is just the beginning, I'm sure.

Thank you so much for the friendship award. I will proudly add it to my side-bar! :)

Anonymous said...

32 students!!! That doesn't sound right to me at all - I don't envy you having to cope with that, and the pay cut is insulting - teachers are already underpaid - they ought to be paid a lot more IMO.

Barb said...

Thank you so much, Cheryl, though I really have to say you were the one that got me fired up to start blogging! It's so much fun and it's also fun doing our weekend jaunts. You seem to know all the great little out of the way places and a lot of the history of this area, and at the end of the day you come home with some seriously great pictures, too. I love firing up the computer next morning and seeing what you've done with our outings.