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Eastern Sierra
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Planting~Think Green Thursday 102209

I'm planning my fall garden and I've been looking at Lowe's garden center for some ideas. I LOVE stocks! They are pretty and they smell so delicious! I have my sweet pea seeds and I'll soak them this weekend and plant them on Sunday, but I need something for my empty spot out front. Think Green Thursday for October 22, 2009.


bobbie said...

Your flowers are absolutely beautiful!
Keep planting!

Thinking Green said...

Hello Cheryl Ann..I too am planning some changes for the garden, but I am not a gardener at all. I want to get part of my garden certified as a way-station for monarch butterflies.. I just wanted to offer a suggestion. If you change your blogger comments settings from 'embedded' to "pop-up", it will be easier for people to comment. Some browsers don't show the proper lines etc to post and I had to change to internet explorer. I think you will get many more comments.. Michelle

Christine Gram said...

Planning for spring already... you are thinking green. I wish I had a garden. Maybe some bulbs?