Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Below sea level

I had to attend a training yesterday instead of teaching, so off I went to the lower end of the valley. Usually lunch is provided at these trainings, but, due to budget cuts, we were on our own. Hmmm....not too many choices in Thermal! So, back to Coachella I drove and got a sandwich from Subway. On my way back to Thermal, I spotted this interesting sign! 62 feet BELOW sea level! Wow! The valley goes even further below sea level at the Salton Sea, which is 226 feet below sea level.

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Lee Spangler said...

Looks like a lot of dirt to me but I know that lettuce or something wil be there soon. Water by aquaducts from the Colorado? or Owens River?
Never been to Thermal paradise to some, h--l to others! Loved your cactus pix.