Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Longhorns! Camera Critters for January 21, 2009

Did you know there are longhorns up in our mountains? Well, I didn't! And, there sure are! Just look at them! Hubby and I discovered this herd as we were out for a Sunday drive, up by Cahuilla Mountain. Aren't they beautiful? I was a bit hesitant to get out of my cozy, comfy car to take a few photos and their horns were VVVVEEEEERRRRRRYYYYYY long, but they were actually curious and friendly! I hope to see them again!

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Granny J said...

Nice critter pix & good reminder of what the land is really like (except in those Gorgeous California wild flower springs...)

Diane AZ said...

They are beautiful creatures. It must have been exciting to see them up close with their long pointy horns!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I've only seen those at the fair.