Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just some random photos

Today I'm just posting some random shots from my morning walk.  I forgot I had these on my camera (the Nikon), since I haven't been using it much lately.  I've been using and learning HOW to use the Canon.  What a mind-shift!  The Canon is much easier to use and adjust the settings, but it just doesn't have the clarity of color that the Nikon has.  If you want to see the difference in the two cameras, just go on over to my other blog, Deep Canyon, at:  http://rav4adventures.blogspot.com  and take a look at the last two posts.  The newest one shows yucca blossoms which I took with the Nikon.  The previous one shows the same blossoms, but I took those with the Canon.  Please let me know which you prefer.  Anyway, back to this post...I had these photos on my Nikon since March and I realized that I needed to upload them.  We're having 90 plus degree weather here this week and temps should hit the 100's by the weekend, so the mornings are pretty warm now.  I walked yesterday morning and saw lots of cottontails and jackrabbits out running around on their morning errands and during their feeding.  No clouds.  NONE.  Period.  I do see a few today, so I need to get ready and head for the door!


Teresa said...

I love the last photo. Our temps are going to be high this weekend, too. Summer's coming!

Barb said...

Ya know I'm a Nikon fan, but often it is the lens that makes or breaks the picture. Have you tried a different lens on that Canon?