Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra snow October 2010

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hello there!!!

I always run into a few cottontails or jackrabbits on my morning walk.  If you look in the center of the top photo, you'll see a jackrabbit on alert.  One time, I saw six of them!  (...must be spring...).  Most mornings, I see maybe 4 or 5 total, but certainly not a group of six!!!  The jackrabbits are much larger than the cottontails and have the LONG ears.  Their ears actually help their bodies get rid of heat.  I love the little cottontails!  They are much quicker than the jackrabbits.  I haven't seen or heard any coyotes lately, but I did hear a group of quail one morning.  I even found their tracks yesterday.  I'm hearing Canadian geese almost every morning now as they leave from the Marriott Desert Springs Resort, which is right across the street.  They are heading back north.  We are supposed to get temps in the 100's this weekend and it was 104 degrees on our front porch here yesterday afternoon.  Enjoy your weekend!  I'm heading up the hill to see my horses.  HORSE TIME!


Teresa said...

Light over a golf course in the morning is so calming
and peaceful

TexWisGirl said...

i think i saw 2 jackrabbits in our area once. they were grazing amongst some cattle in a pasture and i was fascinated by how long their ears were. haven't seen them since, so maybe i was dreaming... :)

Gaelyn said...

I only see the cottontails in Yarnell.

Enjoy the cool up the mountain.